Drop Box Lockers

Facilitate MORE parcel collections and returns with a minimal locker footprint

Consolidate Parcel Collection & Returns to Streamline Your Business Operations

Drop Box is a revolutionary locker solution for retailers and carriers that maximises operational efficiency and improves the customer experience through an enhanced, self-service returns option. Our Drop Box Lockers feature a built-in label printer, allowing customers the ability to print return labels at the locker before placing parcels directly into the deposit box at the locker terminal. In addition to returns, online orders can be collected and delivered to the lockers, making the Drop Box an all-in-one solution to drive cost-savings and in-store footfall.

Built-In Printer

Print authentic shipping or return labels with the built-in label printer

Smart Sensors

Fast load capability detects when parcel is loaded, locker occupancy

Regular Boxes

Additional boxes can be used for pick-up, drop off, and larger returns

Adjustable Deposit Boxes

Two secure, adjustable deposit boxes to deposit small return parcels

Collection Boxes

Accessible to retail employees and carriers; secure returns and maximise parcel volume with a small footprint


24/7 access available with Indoor and Outdoor lockers


Automate the delivery and return processes


Capture each delivery, pick-up, and return with the built-in camera on the locker kiosk


The Ideal Solution for Retailers Streamlining Return Fulfilment

Parcel Pending by Quadient’s Drop Box Lockers can help retailers realise:

  • Cost-Effective Returns: Our self-service returns option maximises employee efficiency and can increase the time customers spend in-store shopping for other item
  • Streamlined Store Operations: Drop Box can help shorten checkout and customer service counter lines, allowing associates to restock and resell goods faster.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Our self-service solution allows customers returning parcels to do so at their convenience – all in less than 30 seconds.


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The Ideal Solution for Carriers Building an Out-Of-Home Strategy

Parcel Pending by Quadient’s Drop Box Lockers can help carriers:

  • Optimise Driver Time: Drop Box helps drivers save time and maximise efficiency by centralising deliveries and collections to one locker location.
  • Print Return Labels: Increase convenience by allowing customers to print return labels directly from the Drop Box Locker terminal.
  • Maximise Package Capacity: The Drop Box is an all-in-one, minimal footprint locker solution for deliveries, collections, and returns.
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How it Works: Returns

Step 1
Customer receives a personalised barcode or QR code
Step 2
Customer scans barcode, prints label (if necessary), and places return directly into the deposit box
Step 3
Customer receives “Return Confirmation” notification via email or SMS
Step 4
Retail associate or carrier agent collects return from the locker for processing

How it Works: Collections

Step 1
Customer places order online and chooses “in locker delivery”
Step 2
Retail associate or carrier agent collects orders and delivers to locker terminal
Step 3
Customer receives instant “Order Ready” notification via email or SMS
Step 4
Customer can retrieve order up to 24/7 from locker
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Partner with Parcel Pending by Quadient for a convenient, sustainable solution to deliveries and returns.

Limit upfront costs and take advantage of revenue-sharing opportunities by making a portion of your locker terminals available to carrier partners, other retailers, C2C services, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Parcel Pending by Quadient’s Drop Box Parcel Lockers are an ideal delivery option for retailers and carriers looking to streamline the returns process for store staff, parcel delivery agents, and consumers. They accept letter and large letter envelopes as well as small parcels. Capacity limits of each parcel locker vary by parcel type. Mixed parcel deposits generally accept 12-15 parcels.

Parcel Pending currently offers Drop Box Lockers with and without a built-in printer to suit various use cases and enhance our existing ability to fulfil returned merchandise through our locker solutions. All Drop Box lockers can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Yes! Parcel Pending’s Drop Box Lockers are designed to support pick-ups, drop-offs, or additional returns. Our drop off lockers allow retailers and carriers to reduce operational costs and offer a convenient, centralised option for parcel pick-ups, deliveries, and item drop-offs.