How to Ensure Your Packages Are Delivered into Parcel Pending Lockers

It can be disheartening to order products online or receive items from friends and family only to have your packages left unsecured in front of your door or in your property’s mailroom. To add insult to injury, it’s especially frustrating if your property’s management team charges you a fee for package management services.

One of the most important benefits of having Parcel Pending lockers in your community is that they reduce package theft. If you are experiencing issues with couriers not using the lockers properly (e.g., couriers not delivering your packages into the Parcel Pending locker system), here are a few steps you can take to help ensure your packages reach you safely:  

  • Contact the courier directly via live chat (when applicable), email, phone, or social media to tell them they are not delivering into the lockers at your property. Twitter is a great way to get the couriers’ attention, especially if you leave messages in their feeds.
  • Contact your property manager and ask them to speak with the couriers.  While Parcel Pending does speak to couriers when onboarding a property, we do not get to speak directly to the individual drivers at your property. It is most effective if someone from your property management team reminds couriers to place all resident packages in the locker system.
  • Ask your property manager to put signs up for couriers. Parcel Pending provides signage for property managers to display reminding the couriers to place packages in the lockers. Your property manager should be aware that these signs are available for their use; if not, they can reach out to Parcel Pending for more information about courier signage.
  • Ask Parcel Pending to reach out to the couriers. In the rare case that you are experiencing repeated issues with a courier, you can contact Parcel Pending directly and request they reach out to the courier on your property’s behalf.

How to Reach Each of the Major Couriers

Contact Information for FedEx

If FedEx is your courier, you can contact their support team here.

Contact Information for Amazon

If Amazon is your courier, you can contact their support team here.

Note: many Amazon couriers scan tracking codes before the packages have been delivered. We recommend waiting 36 hours until you contact Amazon or the third-party seller, as many packages are delivered within that period. If you do not receive your order after 36 hours, you can reach Amazon’s customer service team at (888) 280-4331. 

Contact Information for UPS

If UPS is your Courier, you can contact their support team here.

Contact Information for UPS

If UPS is your Courier, you can contact their support team here.

Note: Some USPS couriers will scan a package when it’s in the delivery truck, but it has not yet been delivered. Please wait 36 hours before you contact the sender about your package. You can also connect with USPS customer service representatives to help resolve your issue.

  • To reach USPS via email, click here: USPS Customer Service 
  • To reach USPS via phone, call: 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)


Remember, not only are Parcel Pending smart lockers convenient, but they also deter theft. The steps outlined above can help you take control of your package deliveries and ensure that your packages are delivered into the Parcel Pending lockers at your community. ————

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