How You Can Help Prevent Package Theft at Your Apartment Community

Although in-store sales increased in 2021, shoppers didn’t totally return to their pre-COVID-19 buying habits and continued to shop online. In fact, total e-commerce sales for 2021 were approximately $870.8 billion, an increase of 14.2% from 2020, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

When it comes to protecting their online purchases, online shoppers are becoming much smarter. To prevent package theft, some people have them sent to their workplaces or their friends or family members’ homes, while others stay home on the days they expect their packages to be delivered. Many individuals also track their packages religiously throughout the delivery process.

But package theft remains a major concern for apartment dwellers – and not just residents in big city apartment buildings, as package theft occurs in apartment communities of all shapes and sizes across the country every day. Those concerns are typically elevated around the holidays, as package theft increases significantly during this period.

Some states have passed legislation aimed at curbing bad actors – also known as “porch pirates” – by making it illegal to take packages from a person’s porch. Violators face years-long prison sentences along with hefty fines. While these laws can help combat package theft, the best bet is to secure your packages with smart lockers. 

Since your apartment community has installed Parcel Pending smart lockers, there are some other ways you can help prevent package theft.

How to Prevent Package Theft at Your Apartment Community 

To prevent package theft, you can: 

  1. Register with Parcel Pending so your packages are always delivered into a locker. If you’re not registered, your packages could be left unsecured, making them easy targets for thieves.
  2. Download the Parcel Pending mobile app so you can receive instant delivery notifications. 
  3. Ensure that all residents in your apartment who receive packages are registered with Parcel Pending so their packages will also be secured in the smart lockers at your community. You can start adding occupants at or through free our mobile app
  4. Pick up your packages in a timely manner. Doing so helps make space for other residents’ packages and helps ensure no one in your community falls victim to porch pirates. 


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