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It’s automagic! You get too many emails and texts. We get it. That’s why we developed the Parcel Pending App that notifies you the minute your package is delivered. And that’s not all. The app also helps access your packages quickly and easily via Bluetooth or barcode. Going out of town? Update your account info and set the app to vacation mode from anywhere at anytime. Yeah, we do think of everything.



The Parcel Pending mobile app can be white-labeled or tied into your existing app’s platform. Using our open API, your users encounter a truly seamless brand experience all the way through package pick-up and beyond. Leveraging our platform also provides the ability to send push notifications for important announcements and merge app usage data with your existing analytics tools.


The Parcel Pending mobile app allows users to easily access FAQs and request assistance from our U.S.-Based 24/7 100% Always-On Customer Service® or your own support team. Having access to our advanced analytics also provides invaluable data to further assist in future sales, support, and marketing decisions.