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A Customised Solution to Meet Your Needs

As a global leader in smart locker solutions, Parcel Pending by Quadient knows the day-to-day challenges you face when it comes to parcel management. We’ve designed our industry-leading solutions based on data from over 18,000 installations worldwide and more than 100 million successful package deliveries.

But we also believe that every user and every business case is special. That’s why we created this tool: to help you envision a customised configuration that meets your unique needs. Our team is committed to your success, so we’ll be here to guide you along the way and help bring your vision to life.

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Here’s how the tool works:

    1. Select an indoor or outdoor location for your solution
    2. Select a locker kiosk (required) and up to 9 add-on towers
      To remove an add-on tower, click « Previous », hover your mouse over the list of towers on the right sidebar, and click the « X” button next to the one you would like to remove. To rearrange the placement of your locker towers, click « Previous », then use the list of towers on the right sidebar to click and drag each tower into your preferred placement.
    3. Pick a colour for your solution or go bold with custom wraps
    4. When you’re satisfied with your solution, you can click to download your final rendering

Please note: All custom wraps and renderings are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a binding agreement with Parcel Pending by Quadient.

Yes, you can create as many versions as you would like.

Yes, you can speak to one of our experts who will be able to give you advice and can even come to site for a free audit to recommend the right options for you. Click here to fill in your details and one of the team will be in touch shortly.

You can learn more about our solutions and how they can work for your business by navigating to the “Our Products” tab in our site header.

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Every industry has its unique set of needs and challenges. Let us help you find the best fit for your package management needs.

Over 4 million users served



The flexibility of being able to collect parcels whenever residents want is much better as many collect in the evening. It’s also more secure. Residents love the parcel lockers, they’re really user-friendly and mean they can collect their parcels at any time. They’ve also taken pressure off staff who now have very little to do with parcel deliveries.

Vicky Gill, Lettings Negotiator | Velocity Village


The project offers a swift, innovative, and customised service that also saves our teams from having to deal with parcels, which is often a time-consuming process especially during peak periods.

Director of Operations | Decathlon, France


Now, all the parcels go into the lockers, we know where everything is, staff don’t have to spend time filling out slips of paper and students don’t have to go to the office to collect their items. They can pick up direct from the lockers, 24/7, whenever it suits them.

Rhys Stevens, Accommodation Officer | Staffordshire University

Facilities Management

The parcel lockers have absolutely addressed the issue that we had – space in the post room and time management for staff as they no longer have to think about being called back when someone wants to collect a parcel.

Parcel Pending by Quadient Customer | International Real Estate Services Firm