Securely Receive Inbound Letters and Post with Quadient Mailboxes

There were over 9.5 billion letters delivered throughout the UK by the Royal Mail Group in 2021. And although the number of letters we send has reduced due to the rise in digital communications, the post we do receive through the letterbox tends to be important documents, statements, and small parcels. It is important when these items are delivered, they are received safely by the intended recipient.

Quadient indoor and outdoor mailboxes enable buildings to securely receive and store incoming mail. Our range, which includes free-standing and wall-mounted post boxes with both indoor and outdoor options, are suitable for most multi-occupancy buildings, including residential developments, student accommodation and office blocks.

If you are keen to prevent lost and stolen post, all Quadient Mailboxes include an anti-theft design that helps to protect personal and sensitive data that may be contained within delivered mail.

Mailboxes for residential developments.

For residential buildings of multiple-occupancy, including PRS, build-to-rent, and build-to-sell sectors. By grouping your resident letter boxes together in a lobby area, dedicated mail and parcel room, or even outside the building, you can improve efficiencies and speed up the delivery process by allowing couriers to deliver post to one location.

Allowing access into, or beyond the lobby area to any third party impacts the building security and increases risk. By creating a dedicated postal delivery location and restricting access beyond the lobby area to residents only, you can create a safer environment. Third-party couriers will no longer need to roam around the corridors and visit apartments individually.

Our range includes through the wall post boxes which are excellent for security, as they restrict the need for couriers to enter the building at all. Contents can be retrieved easily by residents from inside the door.

Mailboxes for purpose-built student accommodation.

For students living on-campus or within purpose-built student accommodation, like residential developments, you can provide students with an individual mailbox at the entrance to the building. This allows couriers to deliver directly to the recipient without accessing beyond the front door or lobby area.

Our range of mailboxes for student accommodation keeps student post safe until it is ready to be collected.

Quadient Mailboxes for individual businesses and multi-tenant office blocks.

For individual businesses and multi-tenant office blocks, Quadient Mailboxes are ideal to manage incoming post and cross-departmental deliveries of paperwork and other small items.

With more employees opting for hybrid working patterns, inbound and cross-departmental deliveries may sit uncollected for longer periods of time so it is necessary to keep these secure until the intended recipient is ready to retrieve them.

Couriers, or internal staff, can deliver directly into the mailboxes where items are kept secure by anti-theft design features. Restricting courier access also increases building security by limiting the number of non-employees having access to potentially sensitive business data.

By utilising mailboxes, post can be sorted by department or individual at the point of delivery, saving time for mailroom staff.

Why choose Quadient Mailboxes?

Space Saving

For when space is a premium, Quadient horizontal boxes have a smaller surface area than the vertical options, so you can fit more units into smaller spaces.


Designed to be installed securely both internally & externally with anti-theft features.


The extremely robust design combined with external weatherproof surround casings enables a 100% weatherproof solution.


The boxes are available in multiple colours, finishes, styles & dimensions to suit all requirements and location aesthetics.

Excellent Service and Support

Quadient maintains a network of offices across the country to provide local customer support and trained technicians who are ready to assist you. You can be confident that when you need knowledgeable support or expert service, the point-of-contact will be a Quadient office in your area consisting of a team of local professionals.

Or for a chat with one of our specialists, fill in your details and we can arrange a completely free assessment and quote for your needs.