Four Benefits to Using Quadient Mailboxes in your Multi-Occupancy Building

When it comes to receiving mail, whether personal or business, sometimes digital just won’t do. For the mail that is being sent to people at home or work, recipients need assurance that their post will be received and stored securely until they are ready to collect.

For multi-occupancy buildings such as residential apartment blocks, offices and commercial buildings or universities and student accommodation, here are just a few benefits to having mailboxes as an alternative to couriers’ hand-delivering post to individuals.

1. Building Security

Parcel Pending by Quadient indoor and outdoor mailboxes enable buildings to securely receive and store incoming mail. The greater the number of external visitors who enter a building, the greater the risk of the building and its occupants. Mailboxes reduce this risk by limiting access to couriers beyond the lobby area, or even beyond the front door if using a through-the-door, rear-opening or outdoor style.

Instead of delivering items directly to the recipient, couriers or building staff can deliver post, or internal deliveries directly into the mailboxes where they are held securely until the intended recipient is ready to collect. The anti-theft features further reduce the risk of lost or stolen post. Quadient Mailboxes are made from steel, a non-combustible material, unlike wood which acts as fuel to a fire.

2. Data Protection

Quadient Mailboxes not only support better building security, but also helps to protect the data of those individuals, or businesses receiving mail. With GDPR and data security at the forefront of many business’ minds, protecting the data of those receiving mail is important. Physical mail often contains private documents, personal and sensitive data or sentimental items. All of which, if they get into the wrong hands are at risk of data breaches or can cause stress to the occupant.

With the world ‘opening up’ again, and people no longer spending all their time at home, it can be harder to ensure the successful delivery of post. It is becoming increasingly difficult to coordinate deliveries for hybrid workers, ensuring that their post or internal deliveries of business equipment arrive on a day that they are going to be in the office and not left lying around for days, or weeks.

Quadient mailboxes keep all post, including that which may contain potentially sensitive data, secure once delivered, reducing the risk of mail falling into the wrong hands. (And for larger items, such as packages, our range of parcel lockers can accommodate!)

3. Customisable

The design of a building can be a hugely influential factor in how attractive it is to potential tenants. Whether a residential apartment, student accommodation, university, or commercial building, it is important to maintain the aesthetic of the building, even where there are space constraints.

Quadient Mailboxes are configurable with several different options available to suit the individual needs of each building. You can customise the build, the number of banks, the colour and coating on the mailboxes.

For those looking to ensure the mailboxes blend in you can opt for a colour match to the surroundings, or for those who want a bold design that stands out there is the choice to have them coated in completely contrasting colours.

With options such as wall mounting, wall recessing, indoor and outdoor, and freestanding, there is truly a mailbox solution to suit all requirements. For outdoor versions, the extremely robust design combined with external weatherproof surround casings enables a 100% weatherproof solution.

4. Top-Class Service

When you opt for Quadient Mailboxes you also gain access to support from our fantastic team of experts. Quadient maintains a network of offices across the country to provide local customer support and trained technicians who are ready to assist you. You can be confident that when you need knowledgeable support or expert service, the point-of-contact will be a Quadient office in your area consisting of a team of local professionals.

If you are unsure what the best option would be for your requirements or just fancy a chat – submit your details below and one of our friendly team will be happy to advise.