Top 6 Perishables that Demand Refrigerated Lockers

As you may have seen in the news, Parcel Pending recently announced the availability of the industry’s first refrigerated parcel lockers. Such lockers come as the result of listening to our customers and serve as a solution to a long-existing delivery problem, as well as addressing a new and evolving delivery challenge. These refrigerated lockers … Continued

6 Time Management Skills Every Property Manager Must Master

Active property managers may sometimes wonder where all their time goes and how to exercise better time management. After all, they are seemingly dealing with a never ending flow of resident requests – each of the utmost urgency and importance to the requester – attracting, meeting and investigating potential new residents, coordinating move-ins and outs … Continued

Here They Come: Package Deluge Due to Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’ Promotion

Amazon Prime Day Amazon’s third annual self-created shopping holiday – took place on Tuesday July 11. According to the company, the event offers Amazon Prime members “more deals than Black Friday,” and has been growing in success each year it has been held. Analysts estimate the 2016 event generated $525 million in sales for Amazon … Continued

How Parcel Pending Delivery Lockers Can Actually Increase Your Bottom Line

Electronic locker solutions already help thousands of multi-family residential communities manage package delivery and retrieval. Thousands more would like to manage their packages this way, but worry they can’t justify the cost of purchasing and installing the lockers. Running a holistic cost-benefit analysis, one finds that these concerns are clearly misguided. At least that’s the … Continued

Amenities Required in Urban, Luxury Communities

High earners rent apartments at a higher rate today than they have for generations. Accompanying this shift in the demographic makeup of multifamily residences is a luxury apartment boom. Since high earners often move from single-family houses to apartments for the conveniences, urban luxury apartment living that offers high-end amenities are a major selling point. … Continued